Becoming a Christian female comic wasn’t my idea. I wanted to be a writer. But, after college I got married to Muffin (a.k.a. Ron) and we had five sons in 11 years (the Mini-muffins). I couldn’t be a writer. I was a bakery! My writing dream was pushed to the back-burner of my life for nearly 20 years.

When our youngest son went to Kindergarten, I decided to write a novel. One problem, just like my real life, I couldn’t keep track of the characters. So, I took a break from writing, and went on “vacation” where my husband and I did crazy things like took off work and paid money to travel with five boys. During that trip, I wrote the daily shenanigans of our family into a blog. A friend of mine said, “Tracy, this is hilarious. THIS is your book.” She was right, and my first book, Laugh Anyway Mom, was born! It’s a collection of true stories of how Muffin and I survived our five boys doing stupid things.

After writing the manuscript, I hired a publishing coach. He suggested I become a stand-up comedian. I immediately enrolled in classes at The Second City in Chicago, and started performing at open mics. Now, I perform my signature comedy outreach event “Life Happens Laugh Anyway” at churches across the country. It’s 45-minutes of comedy followed by the gospel message. In addition to being a church comic, I provide entertaining keynotes, motivational talks, and inspirational presentations for organizations and corporations. I’m also a breast cancer survivor and perform comedy at events for hospitals and non-profits raising funds and awareness.

I live in the Chicago area with Muffin and our remaining mini-muffins. I’m passionate about encouraging audiences with humor and truth.




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