Boys at the Beach

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Originally posted 7-2-2008

Greetings From Queen MOAB (Mother of All Boys)!

My husband and I and our five sons, son #2’s best friend and my dad (ok, me with 8 males age 7 to 65) piled into two mini vans for a 998 mile trip to the beach. I have endured sixteen hours of driving, two days of “stop that, quit it, be quiet and no we’re not there yet.” We went through two tanks of regular gas along with several sudden spurts of internal gas to which my littlest one always says, “Safety.” Not sure what that means. But the long and the short of it is we are here! We made it. Despite my serious doubts, we are actually having a pretty good time.

The ride was interesting and had it’s moments. My dad drove for about 10 minutes and pulled over to put my 16 year old behind the wheel while grandpa took a 16 hour nap. We lost each other several times, but my dad’s van had a GPS (which I was informed, by my husband, was unnecessary) and my van had my husband and the map.

The GPS made it to our final destination first, but our van would have beat them if they didn’t require our 9 year old to pee in an empty water bottle. But, they had already pulled off the highway to let grandpa pee along side the road (it’s his medication and he actually has a “Get Out Of Pee Free” card that makes it legal for him to urinate in random places for medical reasons.

Once we got here, we met up with the rest of the family: my sister, her son and daughter and my brother and his daughter. We are on the fourth day and you know what they say about house-guests and them being like fish….I’m sure everyone will be happy to resume normal life at the end of the week.

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