Eggshells in my Sink

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Originally posted 7-8-2008

Boys are geniuses! And, they are practical little buggers. I remember when my now 9 year old, Adam, was about three years old. He was in the kitchen (unsupervised) and decided to get out a carton of eggs, crack them and dump them in the sink along with several heaping scoops of flour. Yes, he had seen me make pancakes, and bless his little heart, he was “helpin’ out.”

So, after my usual gasp at these types of messes, (and trust me, there have been several hundred of these over the years with my five boys) I took the recommended deep breath, counted to 10 and then counted backwards from 10 and then took precious Adam aside and administered disciplinary action.

After a 25 minute “explanation” about how that behavior was naughty and why it was naughty, I said “Now, Adam, you’re not going to do that again, are you.” To which he instantly replied with a shrug of his shoulders, “Nope, there’s no more eggs!”

I had just lectured him on the moral value of obedience, common sense and frugality….for naught! It went in one ear and out the other! He wasn’t going to curb his negative behavior because of my intervention, it was a practical matter of opportunity. No eggs, no mess. Unbelievable!

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