Tracy DeGraaf, Comedian

Laugh Anyway Mom

I perform a one-woman evangelistic comedy show called Life Happens Laugh Anyway. It's 90 minutes of “EVANGELOMEDY” where I take the audience through the seasons of a woman’s life from getting married and having children, to gaining weight and growing a beard. And then they meet Jesus. I consider myself a "comediennegelist." I'm sort of what you would get if Phyllis Diller and Billy Graham had a kid…a little whacky, but totally in love with Jesus! At the end of the show I share the true story of the final moments I had with my mother before she died at the young age of 51. We played Rummy. And yes, she was cheating. A simple card game with my dying mother taught me something profound about life, and I'm sharing it with women everywhere. It’s riveting, beautiful, emotional, messy, funny, and it's the TRUTH. The gospel is woven into the story leaving the audience with a clear understanding of our need for Jesus Christ. For more information call or text me at 708-691-5091 or email me at xoxo Hugs, Tracy
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Tracy DeGraaf - The Laugh Anyway Mom
P.O. Box 235, Frankfort, IL 60423